Efrén Viera

He was born on July 14th, 1971 in Havana, Cuba.  His grandfather was a musician, playing the Tuba, Bass, Double bass in a symphony orchestra.  As heir of a land with such a great musical history, he is the Cuban element in Inti-Illimani. Efren adds a natural rhythm and flavor to the band, not only with the sounds of his Latin percussion, but also playing the clarinet. He studied the clarinet at the Manuel Saumell´s School and at the Amadeo Roldan´s College of Arts where he graduated as a professional instrumentalist.  He was a member of the National Band of Concerts (banda Nacional de Conciertos), he also played the saxophone for the Salsa of the Corner band (grupo Salsa de Esquina).  He arrived in Chile on February 5th, 1992 after a long tour through Sweden. Efren started playing local music playing with Carmen Prieto and some other bands, and he also played with Joe Vasconcellos for a short time.  Efren Viera is able to explore different styles from Classic music to Jazz (he also studied piano), but he prefers root music.  He started with Inti-Illimani little by little, first being part of a Clinic of Cuban Percussion, and after that he was invited to play at some Inti-Illimani performances.  After three days performing at the University of Chile Theater (Teatro de la Universidad de Chile) he was asked to join the band as a full-time member.  Efren Viera is also a member of  Aggayu Solá,  a band of Cuban musicians, singers and dancers who perform Afro- Cuban dancing and songs mixed with the rhythm of Rumbas, Congas and batás.