Manuel Meriño

He was born on December 3th, 1972 in San Javier, Chile. From his musically-gifted mother and father, Manuel learned the basics of music and the guitar, and began to look seriously into music at the age of ten.

When he was twelve, he studied piano at the Conservatoire of Talca. At 18, He returned to his studies of music in Rancagua in 1990.

In 1991, he began his higher education at the Modern School of Music, enrolled in “Composition and Arrangements focusing in popular music”.

In 1993 he applied to the Chilean Society of Copyright´s (SCD) School of Arts for the degree of Composition and Arrangements in Popular Music with a scholarship that he received from the same school, graduating in 1996. In that same year he started his career as a recording musician, and the following year joined the original formation of the band Entrama, winning the SCD’s awards of “The Best Guitar Player of the Year” and “The Best Jazz-Fusion Band of the Year”.

At the end of the year 2000, Manuel joined Inti-Illimani and has remained a vital member of the band.

He has participated in several music projects, including:

Performing in the group “Agosto” formed by Alexis Venegas and Magdalena Matthey, who are both great representatives of the new wave of Chilean songwriters.

Accompanied Alberto Plaza in performances, and performed on two of his recordings.

Performed as a guitar player and arranger along with Antonio Restucci and Pedro Melo, for the album “Hata, Cantos de Aldea” by the Chilean musician and ex-member of Inti-Illimani, José Seves.